SXSW 2001 Death March

Day Five: Sunday 18 March 2001

Sunday is usually a disappointment. Often just local bands who don't have enough clout to get a better time slot, or hoot bands. But anyway, I've got the wristband, so ... Hmmm... half of these are non SXSW shows tonight. So much for the wristband...

Jovita's for The Red Elvises (Los Angeles, CA, I think). Not as tight as last year, partly because they're a 3-piece. Austinite drummer Avi was apparently ejected from the band, so it's all Russians now. Nonetheless, it's hard to not enjoy the hell out of these guy's shows, and dance until you're ready to fall down. Or in this case, until you've got to split for another show. :(

Got to the Continental Club in time for The Hyperions (Los Angeles, CA). Damn fine show. Psychobilly with a vibraphone on stage. Weird, but way cool. The Continental's pretty shitty sound mix (too much bass and drums) plagued them through the set, but they were quite good nonetheless.

After them The Dragons (San Diego, CA). Uno-dos-tres-quattro!


Jeeeezus! My ears were bleeding half-way through their set. Brutal, brutal, brutal guitar in your face quasi-punk (in a Ramones/Stooges way) cock-rock. "Turn the knobs up to eleven, and Rock Like Fuck!" indeed.

A damn fine show.

Staggered, but not injured, I stuck for Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express (San Francisco, CA). Guitar rock stuff. Pretty dull. As soon as I realized it reminded me of Ian Moore, I split.

Better to be at Room 710 for The Lower Class Brats (Austin, TX). Oi! Antagonistic, hostile, sarcastic, big, loud, old-school punk. Stage energy and antics were up to snuff, as well. But it's been a long while since I've seen such hair-art (on the crowd... the band is fairly normal... of hair, that is.)

On the softer, hipper side, was the show at Emo's Jr.. Yeah. I used Emo's and "softer" in the same sentence.

Anyway, The Fuzz Club (Austin, TX) was a DJ showcase interrupted by a damn fine set by The Waistcoats. So hip it hurts, this shindig was stark raving mod. (Not a typo. That's the Waistcoats albumn title.) Tres fun, with covers of old 60s tunes and some new ones in the same vein. If only this style of music and dress would kill the still extant 70s look-like-shit style which still pervades.

Special bonus: I chatted with Beatle Bob, the mop-haired guy who seems to always be at the coolest, hippest shows. Turns out he's a DJ from St. Louis, and comes to town for the Record Show and for SXSW.

And now for the Twist Contest... Fun.

But back to the mosh at Room 710 for The Cruel and Unusual (Austin, TX). Edgy old-school punk. Not bad, but not all that great.

And across the street to Red Eyed Fly for Pong (Austin, TX). Ein-zwei-drei-quattro. Quattro? Whatever...

One last chance... OK. Better. Still too quirky for even me, but not as annoying as previous experiences.

Back to see if the mod party is still going on at Emo's.

Some of the later stuff was only OK but overall an outstanding night.

Sunday's Score:
17 Interesting-sounding bands (not all listed here)
8 Actually seen/heard for more than 60 seconds
2 Outstanding, really want to see 'em again, get the CD, etc.
2 Pretty good
2 Pretty decent
2 Eh... Find something better to do, soon
0 Total wankers

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